Be Our Guest

Leaving your home to stay somewhere else is not easy, making decisions at what kind of place you'd like to stay in, what kind of facilities and services you'd require, how much comfort you'd need and what your budget is a strategic process.

Hence we ensure that our prospective guests get the best budget deal that best matches their requirements. To cover all kinds of families and guests we have the following suites:

  1. Junior Suite - Two single beds, one bath.
  2. Mountain View Suite - One double bed, two single beds in separate room, one bath, one dining room/lounge, with terrace looking over the mountain side.
  3. City View Suite - One double bed, one single bed, terrace looking over the city
  4. Ramada Suite - One king size bed, dining room/lounge, terrace, bath, kitchen
  5. Royal Suite - One king bed, one single, dining/lounge, terrace, bath, kitchen
  6. Honemoon Suite - One king size bed, dining, bath with jacuzzi, other services including cakes and other products
  7. Royal Ramada Suite - One king bed, two single in separate room, dining/lounge, bath, kitchen, terrace

All our rooms have:

  1. Small dining table
  2. Writing desk
  3. Two sofas
  4. Two chairs
  5. Mirror
  6. TV
  7. Fruit Basket
  8. Telephone
  9. Electric Kettle
  10. Safe
  11. Tea/Coffee products with cups and saucers
  12. Tissue boxes
  13. Towels
  14. Slippers
  15. Soaps, Shampoos and toiletries
  16. Hangers and shelves
  17. Iron
  18. Internet
  19. Power supplies
  20. Lamps