• Menu
  • Cafes - 12.00 pm – 11.00 pm; Menu for cafe
  • Bakeries – Timing; services – cakes, pastries, biscuits, buns, others, special orders
  • Ramadan Special – Timings, Etiquette, Menu, Sehri & Aftar

Ramada Café

The Ramada Café is located in the heart of the hotel, just by the reception area, so you are comfortable while you wait for your room to get ready. At our Café, we provide you with the hot and cold menu from fruits and juices to coffee and tea, as well as sandwiches and other snacks.

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Our Garden Café

If you are in the mood to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, we have just the place for you! At our garden café, you will be able to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, or snacks, anytime in the day with scrumptious items off our variety menu. From freshly baked items to fresh fruits and juices and hot beverages, we offer almost everything.

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Pool Restaurant

To help you enjoy your time no matter where you are in the hotel, we have arranged for a restaurant just by the pool. Here you will be able to have whatever you're in the mood for, while enjoying a good dip or just looking over your loved ones as they enjoy our pool. From hot and cold beverages, to snacks and baked items, we have a variety of delicious items for you.

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Ramada Restaurant

Our restaurant has a huge variety of menu items to choose from. The breakfast buffet is set up in our restaurant and it is complimentary with all your room bookings. We can also arrange for group lunches and dinners along with your official meeting or conference, as well as you can have lunch and dinner parties here.

Note: Breakfast Buffet timings are from 730am to 1030am

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Ramada Colors of Night Café

We have a café at the entrance curb of Ramada Al Hada Hotel, where our guests can partake in the snacks, meals and beverages, while enjoying the beautiful night vision and fresh night air of Taif city.

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